Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Pictures 2012

Here are the rest of the Christmas pictures you may or may not have seen!

Edward Glen
Every time Jarrod threw her up,
she would turn to the camera and say, "cheese!"

Watching the ducks.
I can't get enough of this sweet smile...
...and those eyes!
She kept tugging on her daddy's ears, which she though was absolutely hilarious! 

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

j squared and e squared

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spilling the Beans

A few people have asked how we told our family we are having a boy.

HOW I TOLD JARROD - He was in a meeting in Florida, and asked how my appointment went.


Also, one onesie said "Oh, BOY!" and the other had a tie with an "E" on it.

This is the only video I have.  Jarrod told his daddy while they were on their way to a race, and my camera wasn't on video when I told his mom.  BUMMER.

(please picture this in text message format)
ME: Introducing your littlest niece, (Insert girl name we chose and ultra sound picture here)!
JEREMY: Hi, (insert name we chose here)!
ME: Just kidding, it's a BOY! His name is Edward Glen!

(again, please picture this in text message format)
US: Here is your littlest nephew, Edward!

Jarrod chose that one.  He's.  So.  BORING!

So, there you have it.  No party.  No crazy balloon pictures that have been entirely over-used.  Just a video and a few texts.  We're WAY too cool for anything else...or something like that! :)

Until next time...
j squared and e squared

Monday, December 3, 2012

Number 2: Hello

I am twenty-something years old, and I STILL, to this day, get just as excited about Christmas as I did when I was younger...maybe even more.  This year is different though.  This year, we get to announce what our No.2 will be!

Here's the scoop...

At 11.5 weeks (before I had all that nonsense happen) I had a regular appointment, and my dr. did an ultrasound.  I told her I wasn't ready to know yet, but Jarrod kept pushing her to tell us and kept saying it didn't matter, he knew we were having a girl. D-O-R-K. The umbilical cord kept getting in the way (I kept telling her it was No. 2's penis), but she was able to see what she needed to see.  Number Two is a...


Jarrod knew all along, but I had been convinced we were having a boy! I had minimal morning sickness (with Elliot, I had it all day every day for 24 weeks).  This one seemed different, but then again I guess every pregnancy is different!  Excitement seemed to wash over me...I never had the close bond of a sister, and I've been so excited to give that to EBaby.  Plus, they'll have been born in the same season, so we can reuse all her clothes!  Double win!

So, next came the daunting task of picking out a name! With Elliot, we knew right away what her name would be (Jarrod told me before we even got married that if we EVER had a girl, her name was going to be Elliot).  This time, we had absolutely NO idea what we would name her.  Do we go with another "boy" name or do we switch it up and go super feminine? Finally, after much deliberation, we decided on a name.

Two weeks later, in the midst of No.2's mayhem, I had another ultra sound with Dr. B.  After she checked on the bleeding, she wanted to see about the baby.  This time she had a much easier time seeing the her since the umbilical cord moved to more over the baby's shoulder than between her legs.  She was so perfect...10 little fingers...10 little toes...a cute button nose...and her penis never fell off!

Miss something?  Maybe the following pictures will help you understand a little better!

E Baby holding the secret of what's inside...

...expertly untying the ribbon...

...and opening the box...

...and this was inside!

Still don't get it?!  Well then, let me introduce to you our littlest love...


We are beyond blessed!  Jarrod and I come from a family of boys...Jarrod has three girl cousins (out of about uh million), and I'm the ONLY girl on either side of my family (this is not me admitting to being the favorite child/grandchild or being spoiled rotten!).  There was no way we were going to have a girl!  Once we had Elliot, Jarrod was convinced we were ONLY going to have girls and he had even convinced me.

I got to have the little girl who loves the "Four P's" - Princesses, Purses, Ponies, and all things Pretty!  She and I have a bond that Jarrod will never get, and I always prayed Jarrod would be blessed with the same.  Now, he will have the son he can teach to: throw a football, play with dump trucks, and most importantly, how to tease his sister without getting caught! :)

My heart is full. Words could never explain it.

Next week I'll post our family pictures...they're pretty awesome!

Until then...
Jarrod, Jill, Elliot, and Edward

P.S. I'm pretty sure Dr. B told Jarrod we were having a girl to make him be quiet since she knew I wasn't ready to find out just yet.  But who knows...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Number 2 Update: Finished

Merry Christmas Season!

Sorry about the super long delay, I'll spare the excuses because I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for an update...or something like that. ;)

Last Tuesday I had "the" big ultra know, where they check on the baby's heart, stomach, size, limbs, and to make sure it doesn't have any birth defects and such. During the scan, the tech asked if I had any problems. I wanted to say, "Nope! I've had a perfect and the easiest pregnancy problems here!," but since Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa is in fact watching me, I decided sarcasm was just not the answer!  I, instead, told her about the hemorrhages and that I had gotten a scan done at the hospital just two weeks earlier.  She got the report faxed to her (the advantages of my hospital, dr, and imaging center being basically all-in-one) and was able to compare those images to the hemorrhages in their current state.  I've learned that when anyone in the medical field gives you their poker face, it's not good, and since I had a feeling they had gotten worse over the two weeks, I knew this was bad.

After a few more minutes, the tech went to talk to the radiologist, and they came in to finish the scan.  He did a few things here and there and proceeded to tell me both of the babies are perfect.


That's right people, he told me we were having twinsies!  Thankfully, he was in a REALLY good mood that day and was just joking. Seriously? Seriously. He checked around a little more and asked if I had any bleeding lately.  I told him no, and it had actually been several days since I had (TMI? Sorry).  The following conversation went something like this...

          Dr. H: That's good, because all of the hemhorrages have disappeared!
          Me: Wait, what?
          Dr. H: You don't have any more bleeding!
          Me: By gone, do you mean smaller?
          Dr. H: No, G-O-N-E! You're healed!

I, of course, immediately started sobbing.  The past five weeks of bed rest...the excruciating back pains...the mental fights...weeks of wondering what I did wrong...blaming myself for something I had no idea what I'd done...was the baby going to be ok...what would I do if something happened...all of it...


I finished up with that doctor, and headed straight upstairs for my appointment with Dr. B.  She read the report and asked me what all the radiologist said.  When I told her, she didn't believe me, and had to finish reading before she would talk to me!  When she realized I hadn't grossly misunderstood him,  she was as relieved and excited as I was!  After the excitement wore out enough, we talked about options for now:

1. I am FINISHED with bed arrest
2. I am FINISHED with those dumb perinatal appointments
3. I am FINISHED with the biweekly ultrasounds

At this point, I decided to test my luck and see how far I could push and ask her the most outlandish question possible...

          Me: Can I go running?
          Dr. B: Uhh...Are you being serious?
          Me: Actually, yes, my body is craving activity.
          Dr. B: If it improves your mood and helps with your contractions* then sure. 

4. I am FINISHED being a sloth!
*Yes, contractions are back in full force, but thankfully my pain meds have made them bearable without knocking me out for 18 hours.

I'm not really sure what else to write.  The mix of emotions stirring up inside me has kept me from really grasping what has happened.  I was told I would lose the baby by 18 weeks.  There wasn't a way for the it to survive.  At 18 weeks and 1 day, I was told not only was the baby perfectly healthy, but my body had completely healed.  Maybe I'll be able to add more once I've wrapped my head around all of this.  Maybe I will never fully understand the miracle growing inside me...
You may not believe in miracles, but this kid is LIVING proof that we have a LIVING God who is very active in our lives and performs miracles

 every. single. day.

Thank you to each of our friends, family members, and complete strangers most of all for the prayers you lifted up specifically for us, for the encouragement, babysitting, food, visits, and even the "I wish I could physically be there with and for you."  I know I keep saying thank you, but it never seems like enough.  I wish I could repay you, but there just isn't a way.  So, once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until next time..
j squared and e squared

Monday, November 12, 2012

Number 2 Update: Why I Will Choose to Be Thankful and Gender Discussion

The past week or so has been the hardest on me mentally.  I've complained vented to some of those closest to me, so now, in the spirit of the holiday that is keeping me from decorating for Christmas Thanksgiving, I will choose to be thankful...very thankful...annoyingly thankful.  But, before we discuss that, here's the update on No.2.

Last Monday, I had a very good appointment.  My body seemed to be healing nicely and Dr. B was pleased with everything.  Then Tuesday came.  Things got worse, and quickly...sending me back to the ER.  After a long wait, and an even longer ultra-sound (No.2 got "stuck" and was stubborn), the radiologist came in and said baby is still doing well, but my body...not so much.  I was having more bleeding and they just weren't healing.  S-T-R-I-C-T...B-E-D...A-R-R-E-S-T.

What.  The.  Heck.

By Thursday, I was pretending to need to use the restroom just to get out of bed.

I'm so sneaky ;)

By Friday, my mom and Jarrod had had enough of me and my attitude, and by Saturday neither of them wanted to come near the bedroom...I'm pretty sure I could hear their eyes rolling when I asked for something. I could tell my body was getting better, but I still needed to be extra careful.

Today, I had another appointment with some good news...FINALLY!!!  The results from my ultra sound on Tuesday showed that the clots have decreased significantly, and No.2 is still perfect.  Dr. B said I can do a few things outside the house...basically if I'm sitting down, then she's ok with it, but if I get worse, back to 100%, your brains will explode if you get out of bed, don't even think about moving, bed arrest.  I can handle that.

Here's what's in store for the future:
1. "Big" ultra-sounds every two weeks.
2. Dr. B. said I still had to see the high risk dr even though I BEGGED her not to make me go.
3. Weekly visits with Dr. B.

I should have my own reserved parking spot there.

Serious face.

Now, here is what I will choose to dwell upon, instead of complaining and thinking of everything bad that is happening:
1. Jarrod's new job came at the perfect time. It has already proven to be a part of God's perfect timing in the fewer than two months that he's been there.
2. The privilege of bed arrest.  Not everyone has parents like mine that will or can come for weeks at a time to take care of Elliot and me.  Not everyone has a husband that is home for 10 straight days like Jarrod, and is willing or able to take care of Elliot and me.  Not everyone has a comfy bed and a bedroom that is big enough to be turned into a bedroom, living area, dining room, and play room so I won't be alone all day.
3. I have sisters and friends who are constantly checking on my mental and physical well being.  They won't let me even come close to feeling like I'm alone in all this.
4. I have a dr. who is top notch.  She takes the time to talk with me about every single detail of what's going on, both teaching me and helping me discuss options on the baby's care. Plus, she's really ridiculously smart, so I feel COMFORTABLE with whatever she suggests.
5. I have a church family who has taken such wonderful care of us. They have set up a care calendar for us and we get gourmet-ish meals three nights a week, and they usually last for two days including lunch and dinner. (i.e. fewer groceries and lots of home cooked meals!)

Of course I'm thankful for so much more like air, clothes, blah, blah, blah, but these are the overwhelming examples of how God is providing for us financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Now for the gender discussion!
No.2's gender has been confirmed 4 times now...I mean who else gets to find out at 13 weeks what they're having?!  The name has been finalized.

No.2 is a...


You didn't REALLY think I was going to tell you, did you?  Silly, silly! I WILL tell you that No.2's first and last initials will be E.C.

Now that you all hate me...

Please continue to pray for our family, my body, and No.2, and know that each prayer lifted is appreciated.  A lot.

Until next time...
j squared and e squared

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Number 2 Update: Worth the Wait

After a long week of waiting to see the high risk doctor to check on our No. 2, Jarrod and I were able to go for our appointment. After an hour and a half wait (rude) and our doctor randomly answering his phone in the middle of our appointment...TWICE...(double rude) we were FINALLY given some encouraging news!
1.) One of the hematomas has disappeared, one is smaller, and one is so much smaller it has actually split in half!
2.) None of them are behind the placenta, which means it hasn't and probably won't separate the placenta from the uterine wall.
3.) No. 2 is growing over a week ahead of schedule. This is great news, because the bleeding could actually hinder the baby from growing, but has proven no to do so.
4.) We have been given an 85% chance of making it to 37 weeks!

What does all of this mean? This means that God has answered every single one of my prayers! My body is healing, and No. 2 has been protected and is growing!

My God is so good!!!!

Also, since the gender was confirmed again, and we were given such positive and encouraging news, my dear, sweet, loving, kind, handsome, awesome husband  has given me permission to name our baby! Eeeeekkk!

Anywho, for now, I am still on bed rest, and off the baby aspirin. I see my OB on Monday, and will hopefully have even more good news!

Prayer Requests:
1.) That No. 2 continues to grow and develop perfectly.
2.) For my body to continue to heal at a miraculous rate.
3.) For Jarrod as he juggles his job, E Baby, the house, and me.
4.) That E Baby would continue to do so well with all these changes.
5.) And finally, for my mom, as she travels back and forth to take care of us when Jarrod is out of town.

Thank you again, from the Bottom of my heart, for each and every one of you prayers, visits, food, texts, and phone calls.  We are so blessed to call you friends and family!

I will update as soon as we have more news.

J Squared and E Squared

P.S. No. 2's gender will be revealed sometime after we choose a name. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Update on #2: This Week and Pictures

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and words of encouragement.  If I haven't responded to your voicemails, please don't be upset...talking too much makes me out of breath, and I'm trying to do my best to not over work my body in order to give our #2 the best chance at life possible.

Not much has changed since Monday EXCEPT I'm not bleeding nearly as much as I was last week or this weekend.  If this is any indication of what is going on inside my body, I would say we have a MIGHTY God who has started to heal my body.  If this has nothing to do what is actually happening, I would still say we have a MIGHT God, but that He might just have other plans for us and #2.

We have an appointment with my high risk OB on Monday morning, and will update then.  Until then, enjoy these pictures of my non-existent baby bump. :)

I will be 14 weeks on Monday and still haven't taken a picture.  I'll try and make that happen sometime this weekend, but trips downstairs are scarce, and quite frankly I would rather miss these photo ops than risk something happen to the baby!

Please continue to pray for the safety and development of #2, my body, and my sanity.  Also, for Jarrod, Elliot, and my caretakers who are forced to deal with me and my...moods :)

j squared and e squared

Monday, October 22, 2012

Number Two: Doctor Update

Today, after a very long, mind teasing weekend, I went to see my OB to check on the baby and see how everything else is doing.  From what my doctor had been told, she was very surprised I am still pregnant and explained to me that she saw me carrying the baby for 4-5 more weeks before miscarrying. Not exactly the news I wanted to hear.  After talking about what I could do, she started doing my ultra sound, and was surprised at how PERFECT our #2 is! 


After looking around and making sure it is developing properly, she started looking at my uterus.  She saw the three different spots where the bleedings are, and her attitude completely changed. The worst spot is at the top of the placenta and has caused it to separate from the uterine wall, but only minimally.  She wasn't very concerned about it at all. The second spot is about halfway down and still about 4cm, but not nearly as thick as she was's actually VERY thin, and she doesn't think it will affect anything very much if at all. And finally, the third spot is right by my cervix.  As of right now, this one isn't near the placenta. 

After looking a little more, and "playing" with #2, she assured me that things were much better than she initially expected. Instead of carrying and nurturing this baby for only 4-5 more weeks, she told me to set a goal of 28 weeks.  The baby would still be extremely premature, but still have a very strong chance of living!

I am so blessed to serve a God that heals and listens to the prayers of the deepest desires of our hearts!

Steps we are taking to give this baby the best chance at life:
1. I will, along with my OB, be seeing a high risk doctor.  No matter who I see, I will be seen at least weekly from here on out. 

2. I am to immediately stop taking any medicines that could potentially make me nauseated. She doesn't want my body to have any unnecessary straining.

3. I'm not allowed to pick up E Baby anymore. This one breaks my heart. :(

4. I'm on very strict bed rest still.

5. I am taking baby aspirin to hopefully thin out the blood "up in there."

So, as of now, we have very very good news, and a little not so great news.  At this point, I will take any hope that I can get.

Thank you to each and every one of my family and friends for the PRAYERS, phone calls, texts, visits, and perfectly timed words of encouragement.  Words could never express how grateful I am for you, and I can only hope and pray that one day I will be given the opportunity to repay even a fraction of the generosity  you have shown me. 

Please continue to pray for:
- Healing of my body and continued healthy development of the baby. One risk that we face is an extremely small baby, so please also pray that this would not be an issue.
- Elliot and Jarrod as they continue to adjust to this new life.
- My saint of a mother...she is nothing short of amazing.
- Wisdom for my doctors

There isn't much I can do for our baby right now, and there is no one else's I would rather it be, than in the hands of the One who created us.

Psalm 95:1-5
Come, let us shout joyfully to the Lord, shout triumphantly to the rock of our salvation!  Let us enter His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout triumphantly to Him in song.  For the Lord is a great God, a great King above all gods.  The depths of the earth are in His hand, and the mountain peaks are His.  The sea is His; He made it.  His hands formed the dry land.

Again, I will try my best to update you as much as possible.

Thank you and love,
J Squared and E Squared

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012: Learning the Lesson of Giving Up

2012 has been a year of many highs and lows, but what I have learned through everything we have been through is the tough lesson of giving up. This may sound silly since in today's world, we are taught to never ever give up. "Keep on keeping on" and ""You just have to get back on that horse" are just a couple of things we hear when the going gets tough. And, while this is true, one thing we are rarely taught is how to give up our own control and plans. 
If you know me at all, you know I'm a bit of a control freak and borderline OCD (self-diagnosed thanks to webMD). Giving up control was never an option.  Ever.

When we moved to Louisiana on September 30, 2011, my plan was to survive the year and get back to Houston ASAP. The more I realized my plan was not feasible, the deeper I sank into depression. It took me over five months to give God control of my life's plan, and it wasn't until I made the conscious decision to make Louisiana my home, that living seemed to get a little easier. Two weeks later, our house reopened, and Jarrod's then employers were gracious enough to let us move back home.

Right before we moved, I found a lump in my right breast and called my OB about it. The nurse and I both decided it was from nursing, and I wrote it off, completely forgetting about it. In July I randomly found it...and another one. Crap. This is when I decided to give up my boobs (not really, but I did tell Jarrod if it was cancer I would just have them chopped off. Jarrod on the other hand had a different opinion on the matter;) -whatever). There are no words for the overwhelming peace I felt when gave everything up to God. After talking with a surgeon who assured me I DIDN'T have cancer, but still needed surgery, we set a date for August 1. Everything went well, and Jarrod and I were even able to host an Olympic viewing party for our Bible study class that evening...and we even left the next day for our beach trip!

Again, if you know me at all, you will know that I had been borderline obsessed with giving E Baby a sibling as quickly as I could, but with the lack of maternity coverage, that obviously needed to wait.  About a week before my surgery I was praying and talking with God, just expressing how much I love our daughter, and if He decided she was supposed to be an only child, I was more than happy with the extraordinary gift He had already given us. Honestly, I think I decided that I/we were done. I had a tough pregnancy with E Baby, and didn't necessarily want to go through that again.  Nine days after my surgery, God told me to quit telling Him what to do. I was nearly 4 weeks pregnant. This time, I learned the lesson of giving up life plans!

Now, ten weeks later, I am writing to you from my bed.  Yesterday, I was given the devastating news that I had been diagnosed with subchorionic hemorrhage. In short, I have bleeding in three different spots about 4cm big (very large) between my uterine wall and the baby's placenta. This wouldn't be such an issue had this shown up
A. Earlier in the pregnancy
B. There weren't as many of them (I think one is average, but I have three)
C. They weren't as large - the smaller they are, the easier it is for the placenta to just absorb them. 
But since I am ending my first trimester and beginning my second, this is in fact a HUGE deal. Yesterday, I also realized that now I need to give up the privilege of motherhood...for now. Not only am I physically incapable of caring for E Baby, but there is absolutely nothing I can do to help our youngest child survive right now. Our child is literally in the hands of God until it is time for her (or him) to either be delivered healthfully or go to Heaven. Either way, I consider it an enormous gift. If we are able to know and raise our child, we have been given the opportunity to raise them in the way of God that would honor Him. If God calls him (or her) to heaven before we get to meet them, the greatest thing I can do as a parent is to present our child just as pure and innocent as they were given to us. 

Originally, I decided not to make the obligatory Facebook pregnancy announcement, but again, I guess i am giving up control of that now too! I can't imagine anything more humiliating than people looking at me with that pity in their eyes telling me how sorry they are, but more than I need my pride (again, giving up that too!), I need your prayers. 
Here are a few very specific requests I have:
1. ThatGod would heal my body, all the while keeping our second child safe and healthy.
2. We obviously knew E Baby's world would be turned upside down, we just didn't think it would be quite this way or so soon. As I am her main caretaker, please pray she adjusts to me not being able to be with her 24/7, but that she allows others to take care of her and me
3. Jarrod  still has to travel frequently, and I can only imagine how hard it must be for him not to be here with us. Also, thank God for the rock that he is.
4. My caretakers - since I am only allowed to use the bathroom and take a shower, not only will they (mainly my mom) have to pick up my slack, but also my 10 million mood swings and grumpiness for being under bed arrest...sometimes a girl just wants to go to Hobby Lobby!
5. Please pray that in everything, I will continue to give God the praise He so righteously deserves, that I stay optimistic and positive, and I continue to seek God for comfort throughout this hard, vessel shaping experience.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have already offered to help in any way possible, your encouraging words, and your thoughtful prayers. More than you know, you are such a blessing to all four of us!

I will do my best to keep you updated.

Thank you and love-
J Squared + E Squared

Psalm 62:5-7
Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will not be shaken. My salvation and glory depend on God, my strong rock. My refuge is in God.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Graham, Texas and the Possum Pedal Riders


How was your weekend?  J Squared and E Baby had a blast hanging out with family in Young County this weekend!  Jarrod was gone all last week, so Elliot and I flew up to Dallas to meet him on Friday evening.  From there we took a two hour trek north west to the beautiful city of Graham, Texas...home of the famous Neill Edwards!

Elliot at the airport with all of her luggage.  I had to lug all of this stuff from the ticket counter, through security,  to one gate, and to another when they realized they messed up the plane's schedules! Oh, the life of a mom!

Saturday, my daddy, mom, brother Jeremy, sister Stephanie, and nieces Madison and Mallory participated in the Possum Pedal Bike Ride.  Daddy and Jeremy rode 62 miles while Mom and the girls rode 5.2 7 miles!  Jarrod, Elliot and I saw them off with a bang (literally, the start was done with a real live canon) and spent the rest of the day at Graham's annual "Red, White, and June" people watching and eating yummy fair food!

L to R: Madison, Stephanie, Mallory, Phyllis
The canon that was only 25% charged and so loud I literally thought Elliot was deaf!
While we were all hanging out waiting for Daddy and Jeremy to finish their ride, Mom took me over to the war memorial where Daddy's name is engraved for serving in the Vietnam War.
How cool is this?  I'm so proud of him, and he is my number one/original hero!

I also took a picture of where he grew up...
Yes, that is the Young County Jail. He got kicked out of jail when he was 18, because they just couldn't handle him anymore, with the rest of his family lived there while his daddy was the sheriff. My Grandmom cooked for the inmates while my Granddad controlled his portion of the wild west! I still think that's cool! :)

After a little more hanging out, bobbing for apples, and realizing that E Baby is allergic to grass (so sad)...

We ran into this beauty...
Let me tell you a little story about Bettina.  The first time I met her was while she was pregnant with my 2nd cousin, Jazzy at Lake Graham at my aunt's house.  She tried to kill me.  Seriously.  I've obviously forgiven her and my wounds have since healed, but I will never again get on a jet ski with her!

At noon, there was a parade. It got way crazy and for a while I thought I was back on Bourbon!
Sadly, the Shriners weren't there on their go-carts and mini motorcycles.  Don't worry, I totally protested!

Daddy and Jeremy finished their ride about 12:45 and we decided to leave.  By the end of the day, E Baby was like this...
...and 30 seconds later, she was like this...
I'm not joking people, 30 seconds!

After dinner, we went to Grandmom's/Aunt Lisa's house for the first time since Grandmom passed away in February 2009.  Elliot and I took a picture by this bench that I remember sitting/laying/playing on every time I visited when I was growing up!

Then Mallory decided she wanted to be a photographer when she grows up...

She's so talented! ;)

After the hotel caught on fire and I thought we were all done for it a small brush fire outside of our hotel Saturday night
How sad is it that my first thought was, "I wonder if pinterest has any ideas for something I can do with this!

We packed up our bags Sunday morning and headed out of town.  We had lunch in Weatherford at, you guessed it, Cracker Barrel, and went our separate ways.

I love family get-togethers, especially when we get to go to Graham!

Do you have any special July 4th plans?!  Have a wonderful and safe week!

Until next time...

J Squared + E Baby

Thursday, June 21, 2012

E Baby's Growth Chart

From the moment we found out Elliot was a girl, I knew I wanted as much of her nursery to be custom as possible.  I knew the general idea of how I wanted her growth chart to look, but the details just wouldn't form in my head. Finally, about the time we found out we were moving to Louisiana is when I really knew how it would look, but because of lack of space and desire to do anything, I kept putting it off.  Now that we are back in Texas and things have calmed down a bit, I've finally had a chance to work on and finish this little project!

First, I ordered 4"x1/2" MDF numbers from SJA Wood Design.  If I had to do it over again, I would get the nicer wood, but the quality of what I got is perfectly fine and you can't beat about $1.00/each!  I ordered the numbers at 10:00 on Tuesday morning and by 2:00 that afternoon I got an email saying that my order had shipped.  Seriously, it was THAT quick! On Thursday, I got this box...

How cute is that?!  I painted the numbers the bottom color of Elliot's room and let them dry over night.

Next, I painted a 6'x7" board the same color as her dresser and chest.  It's Polar Bear white...or something like that (Martha Stewart).

When I was putting the numbers on the board to figure out where they went, it just didn't look was too bare.  I decided I wanted a damask background and used my cricut and the Damask Decor cartridge to cut out vinyl to use as a stencil.

Once I figured out where on the board I wanted the damask (I put one behind each number), I applied the vinyl on and painted in the stencil with the top color of Elliot's room (Spring Melt - Martha Stewart).

How sweet is this damask?  I'm not really sure why I chose the birds, but I love them.  The more I was doing the stencils, the more they reminded me of my sweet Grandmom...she was an excellent gardener and LOOOOOOVED birds!  Next, I glued the numbers to be centered on the stencil..

...and I decided it was still in need of a little something. Soo...I took just the little birds from the damask, painted them between each number at the 6" mark, and ended up with this!

I really love how it turned out and hope Elliot appreciates it when she's older.  I plan to write her a little note on the back of the board to go with how tall she is, that way she'll have a little something that shows our thoughts and feelings of her growing throughout the years!

I went ahead and marked when she was born... 

...and when she turned one...

And here is the finished product...
(You can't tell because of the flash, but I did the birds between all the numbers (even the 4 and 5)!

This took me a guhzillion hours to do and I fully understand that E Baby will HATE it by the time she's twelve, but hopefully when she's a bit older, she'll learn to love it. :)

What do you do to measure your little one? Do you have a growth chart or do you use the door frame? I love the idea of using the door frame, but thought it would be impolite to leave the next owners of our house with an empty door jam when we move! 

I've got a couple more projects to share with you within the week that I'm pretty excited about!

Until then...