Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Number 2 Update: Worth the Wait

After a long week of waiting to see the high risk doctor to check on our No. 2, Jarrod and I were able to go for our appointment. After an hour and a half wait (rude) and our doctor randomly answering his phone in the middle of our appointment...TWICE...(double rude) we were FINALLY given some encouraging news!
1.) One of the hematomas has disappeared, one is smaller, and one is so much smaller it has actually split in half!
2.) None of them are behind the placenta, which means it hasn't and probably won't separate the placenta from the uterine wall.
3.) No. 2 is growing over a week ahead of schedule. This is great news, because the bleeding could actually hinder the baby from growing, but has proven no to do so.
4.) We have been given an 85% chance of making it to 37 weeks!

What does all of this mean? This means that God has answered every single one of my prayers! My body is healing, and No. 2 has been protected and is growing!

My God is so good!!!!

Also, since the gender was confirmed again, and we were given such positive and encouraging news, my dear, sweet, loving, kind, handsome, awesome husband  has given me permission to name our baby! Eeeeekkk!

Anywho, for now, I am still on bed rest, and off the baby aspirin. I see my OB on Monday, and will hopefully have even more good news!

Prayer Requests:
1.) That No. 2 continues to grow and develop perfectly.
2.) For my body to continue to heal at a miraculous rate.
3.) For Jarrod as he juggles his job, E Baby, the house, and me.
4.) That E Baby would continue to do so well with all these changes.
5.) And finally, for my mom, as she travels back and forth to take care of us when Jarrod is out of town.

Thank you again, from the Bottom of my heart, for each and every one of you prayers, visits, food, texts, and phone calls.  We are so blessed to call you friends and family!

I will update as soon as we have more news.

J Squared and E Squared

P.S. No. 2's gender will be revealed sometime after we choose a name. :)

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