Friday, February 18, 2011

Bed Rest ≠ House Arrest:

Yesterday, Jarrod, Elliot, & I ventured into the outside world for our doctor's appointment!  Nothing has really changed.  I'm still having a ton of contractions, but they're not being productive.  Now, I'm still technically on bed rest, but Doc said I could go to a movie or to dinner if I absolutely HAVE to get out of the house!

Elliot is no longer breech, so instead of kicking my bladder, she's kicking my diaphragm, and punching my bladder.  Awesome. ;)

Other than that, there's not much else to until next week...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UPDATE: Bed Rest - Day Cinco

 A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.

Sorry if this seems all scattered.  I write as I remember things!

Laying in bed has been the best time for Elliot and I to bond (ie. let her kick the snot out of me)!  I've even found different positions that make her kick me, and others that highly suggest she stop!

As of today, my contractions have become fewer, but they are still just as strong.  I've finished my antibiotic, and there hasn't been much of a change since then.  My hormone pills seem to be working, but just in the sense that I haven't been getting sick since I've started taking them...This is a big change from the all day morning sickness I've had since I was 4 weeks pregnant!  I might request she leave me on those for a while ;)  Tomorrow I'll call the doc and see if we can get on some different contraction medicine.

Here of some things I dream of if/when I get off bed rest:
1. Going outside
2. Walking
3. Doing laundry (scary, right?!)
4. Driving
5. Grocery shopping (I's THAT bad!)
6. Date night with Jarrod
7. Going out to eat
8. Not have some one wait on me hand and foot (although, it is nice at times!)

On a more positive note, the nice thing about being on bed rest is I don't have to go out in this awful weather, and I get to stay in my sweats all day!

Until later...


Sorry if the belly picture weirds you out..this is a picture of Elliot mid-contraction!  To put it into perspective, my stomach is still normally pretty flat(ish) when I lay down.  

Friday, February 4, 2011

Elliot's Nursery

I just want you all to know that Elliot's room is going to be GORGEOUS, thanks to Mimi (Momma Phyllis)!

 I also want you know I will have tons of time to post random stuff on here.  BEWAAAAAAARE!!!!


My View for the Next Two Weeks...

Feel free to come visit me!

Bed Rest is Not As Fun As Resting in Bed


Elliot Josslyn is bound and determined to make and early appearance!  This girl does NOT believe in being fashionably late, and has inherited the Edwards gene of being early to EVERYTHING!  
Much to Jeremy and Stephanie's delight, I'm pretty sure Elliot will enjoy playing soccer.  "How do I know this," you ask?  She's already using my bladder for kicking practice!  While I much rather her in this position than the yoga one she was trying out late last week/this weekend (she was sitting on her left foot, and her right foot was by her head!), the sensation of having to pee every 3 seconds is NOT COOL!

 Results from Monday's tests:

I seem to be "severely dehydrated" which is causing all of my contractions. My doctor has put me on medicine to stop them, so we will see how this works out!

One of the tests they ran checked to make sure Elliot's heart is still beating well and that my cervix isn't thinning out/dialating (TMI?!).  As a result, we got to see our baby girl!

Elliot's stats:
Height: 1' ??"
Leg length 6" (I'm already preparing her to shop in the "tall" section of stores!)
Foot length 2" (These are definitely not Edwards/Deary feet!) - Jarrod has already told me that we can order her shoes online, so she doesn't get embarrassed at the store while trying on super big size shoes!
Weight: 1lb 12 oz.
Brain: present (Lauren and Jarrod can confirm)
Nose: cute as a button
We also saw her wave to us, cover her face, stretch out her legs, kick, punch, and swallow!  Our little girl is sooooooooooo talented already!
Because my medicines and 4350986209871132987 ounces of water hadn't worked, my doctor decided to see me again yesterday (2/3/11).  Here are the updates...

Bad news:
Jill is officially on bed rest. Please pray that Elliot quits trying to make an early appearance and for my sanity as I will be staring at a wall all day for at least the next two weeks!
She has also increased the medicine to stop contractions. If this doesn't work, we have two other medicinal options. If that doesn't work, she will give me a steroid to boost Elliot's lung development and stick me in the hospital for observation. Just remember, all of this is JUST IN CASE!

Good news:
As of this afternoon, Elliot shouldn't be coming for another 3 weeks.
I also found out this morning that my boss is allowing me to work from home!  This is such a blessing!!!!
Not really bad news...not really good news (relatively speaking):
My doctor thinks Elliot will be coming somewhere between 36-38 weeks, and while she will be premature, she won't have the side effects (ADD, Downs, etc.) she could have if she came now.

Everything still looks good other than that, the doctor is just having a hard time figuring out WHY I'm having contractions. Apparently dehydration was not the issue (told ya so!!!). She has put me on two other medications, one in case I have some sort of infection, and another in case my hormones are out of whack. Both of these tests came back negative, but again, JUST IN CASE!!!

Anyways, please continue to pray for Jarrod, Elliot, and I as we adjust to everything. Also, could you please ask God to give Elliot some patience!!!

My next appointment is in a couple weeks, so I will update you all as we find out what's going on!

-Melissa Jill Edwards Conner