Sunday, July 1, 2012

Graham, Texas and the Possum Pedal Riders


How was your weekend?  J Squared and E Baby had a blast hanging out with family in Young County this weekend!  Jarrod was gone all last week, so Elliot and I flew up to Dallas to meet him on Friday evening.  From there we took a two hour trek north west to the beautiful city of Graham, Texas...home of the famous Neill Edwards!

Elliot at the airport with all of her luggage.  I had to lug all of this stuff from the ticket counter, through security,  to one gate, and to another when they realized they messed up the plane's schedules! Oh, the life of a mom!

Saturday, my daddy, mom, brother Jeremy, sister Stephanie, and nieces Madison and Mallory participated in the Possum Pedal Bike Ride.  Daddy and Jeremy rode 62 miles while Mom and the girls rode 5.2 7 miles!  Jarrod, Elliot and I saw them off with a bang (literally, the start was done with a real live canon) and spent the rest of the day at Graham's annual "Red, White, and June" people watching and eating yummy fair food!

L to R: Madison, Stephanie, Mallory, Phyllis
The canon that was only 25% charged and so loud I literally thought Elliot was deaf!
While we were all hanging out waiting for Daddy and Jeremy to finish their ride, Mom took me over to the war memorial where Daddy's name is engraved for serving in the Vietnam War.
How cool is this?  I'm so proud of him, and he is my number one/original hero!

I also took a picture of where he grew up...
Yes, that is the Young County Jail. He got kicked out of jail when he was 18, because they just couldn't handle him anymore, with the rest of his family lived there while his daddy was the sheriff. My Grandmom cooked for the inmates while my Granddad controlled his portion of the wild west! I still think that's cool! :)

After a little more hanging out, bobbing for apples, and realizing that E Baby is allergic to grass (so sad)...

We ran into this beauty...
Let me tell you a little story about Bettina.  The first time I met her was while she was pregnant with my 2nd cousin, Jazzy at Lake Graham at my aunt's house.  She tried to kill me.  Seriously.  I've obviously forgiven her and my wounds have since healed, but I will never again get on a jet ski with her!

At noon, there was a parade. It got way crazy and for a while I thought I was back on Bourbon!
Sadly, the Shriners weren't there on their go-carts and mini motorcycles.  Don't worry, I totally protested!

Daddy and Jeremy finished their ride about 12:45 and we decided to leave.  By the end of the day, E Baby was like this...
...and 30 seconds later, she was like this...
I'm not joking people, 30 seconds!

After dinner, we went to Grandmom's/Aunt Lisa's house for the first time since Grandmom passed away in February 2009.  Elliot and I took a picture by this bench that I remember sitting/laying/playing on every time I visited when I was growing up!

Then Mallory decided she wanted to be a photographer when she grows up...

She's so talented! ;)

After the hotel caught on fire and I thought we were all done for it a small brush fire outside of our hotel Saturday night
How sad is it that my first thought was, "I wonder if pinterest has any ideas for something I can do with this!

We packed up our bags Sunday morning and headed out of town.  We had lunch in Weatherford at, you guessed it, Cracker Barrel, and went our separate ways.

I love family get-togethers, especially when we get to go to Graham!

Do you have any special July 4th plans?!  Have a wonderful and safe week!

Until next time...

J Squared + E Baby