Monday, November 12, 2012

Number 2 Update: Why I Will Choose to Be Thankful and Gender Discussion

The past week or so has been the hardest on me mentally.  I've complained vented to some of those closest to me, so now, in the spirit of the holiday that is keeping me from decorating for Christmas Thanksgiving, I will choose to be thankful...very thankful...annoyingly thankful.  But, before we discuss that, here's the update on No.2.

Last Monday, I had a very good appointment.  My body seemed to be healing nicely and Dr. B was pleased with everything.  Then Tuesday came.  Things got worse, and quickly...sending me back to the ER.  After a long wait, and an even longer ultra-sound (No.2 got "stuck" and was stubborn), the radiologist came in and said baby is still doing well, but my body...not so much.  I was having more bleeding and they just weren't healing.  S-T-R-I-C-T...B-E-D...A-R-R-E-S-T.

What.  The.  Heck.

By Thursday, I was pretending to need to use the restroom just to get out of bed.

I'm so sneaky ;)

By Friday, my mom and Jarrod had had enough of me and my attitude, and by Saturday neither of them wanted to come near the bedroom...I'm pretty sure I could hear their eyes rolling when I asked for something. I could tell my body was getting better, but I still needed to be extra careful.

Today, I had another appointment with some good news...FINALLY!!!  The results from my ultra sound on Tuesday showed that the clots have decreased significantly, and No.2 is still perfect.  Dr. B said I can do a few things outside the house...basically if I'm sitting down, then she's ok with it, but if I get worse, back to 100%, your brains will explode if you get out of bed, don't even think about moving, bed arrest.  I can handle that.

Here's what's in store for the future:
1. "Big" ultra-sounds every two weeks.
2. Dr. B. said I still had to see the high risk dr even though I BEGGED her not to make me go.
3. Weekly visits with Dr. B.

I should have my own reserved parking spot there.

Serious face.

Now, here is what I will choose to dwell upon, instead of complaining and thinking of everything bad that is happening:
1. Jarrod's new job came at the perfect time. It has already proven to be a part of God's perfect timing in the fewer than two months that he's been there.
2. The privilege of bed arrest.  Not everyone has parents like mine that will or can come for weeks at a time to take care of Elliot and me.  Not everyone has a husband that is home for 10 straight days like Jarrod, and is willing or able to take care of Elliot and me.  Not everyone has a comfy bed and a bedroom that is big enough to be turned into a bedroom, living area, dining room, and play room so I won't be alone all day.
3. I have sisters and friends who are constantly checking on my mental and physical well being.  They won't let me even come close to feeling like I'm alone in all this.
4. I have a dr. who is top notch.  She takes the time to talk with me about every single detail of what's going on, both teaching me and helping me discuss options on the baby's care. Plus, she's really ridiculously smart, so I feel COMFORTABLE with whatever she suggests.
5. I have a church family who has taken such wonderful care of us. They have set up a care calendar for us and we get gourmet-ish meals three nights a week, and they usually last for two days including lunch and dinner. (i.e. fewer groceries and lots of home cooked meals!)

Of course I'm thankful for so much more like air, clothes, blah, blah, blah, but these are the overwhelming examples of how God is providing for us financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Now for the gender discussion!
No.2's gender has been confirmed 4 times now...I mean who else gets to find out at 13 weeks what they're having?!  The name has been finalized.

No.2 is a...


You didn't REALLY think I was going to tell you, did you?  Silly, silly! I WILL tell you that No.2's first and last initials will be E.C.

Now that you all hate me...

Please continue to pray for our family, my body, and No.2, and know that each prayer lifted is appreciated.  A lot.

Until next time...
j squared and e squared

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