Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elliot's Nursery

Ok, so I wasn't going to post any pictures of Elliot's room until after she was born, but quite frankly, I just can't keep it a secret anymore!


I promise I'm putting up curtains (see below)!

My favorite part of her room...the chandelier!

The pitcher in the background provided the inspiration for her room!

The dresser and chest were bought as antiques by my parents before I was born!
I repainted them white (the were stained an orange-brown) and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!

Elliot's Quilt
We should be getting it later this week.
I can't wait to see the finished product!

These are the curtains from hell and the only one's Elliot will ever have!
Her sweet Mimi is finishing them up and we should have them soon!

These got posted more or less because I'm bored, wanted to blog, and couldn't think of anything to write!  

Enjoy, but if you don't, don't tell me! :)

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  1. SO cute, Jil!!! You did a great job! Keep us posted! XOXOXO