Monday, April 11, 2011

Conner Genes

Today, Elliot had another photo shoot.  My doctor said she wasn't measuring well (she lied), so she scheduled an ultra sound so we could see her one last time!

If there was ever any doubt (which I assure you there wasn't!) about who Elliot's daddy is, this ultra sound cleared it right up.  She is, by far, her daddy's girl!  Seriously.  They even make the same facial expressions!

Here are some pretty cool things we got to see today:
1. Her face.  She's got the fattest little cheeks and the cutest lips.  EVER!
2. Her feet.  She's even got Jarrod's feet...down to the second and third toes being longer than the first!
3. Her hair.  She's got a TON of hair and long eyelashes.  I feel these are the only attributes I contributed to our child!
4. Her hands.  Her long fingers are going to be perfect for setting and hitting volleyballs!
5. Ok, let's be honest with each other.  Every bit of her is super adorable, and she is absolutely PERFECT!

Elliot is weighing in at 5 pounds 6 ounces.  I've decided that's big enough, and I'm ready for her to come out now!

Below are some pictures we got today:

Elliot's Heartbeat in the mid 130's.

Sleepy Baby

This picture just screams, "Jarrod!"

Fat cheeks, I can't wait to squeeeeze them!!!

Daddy's feet.  I'm starting to wonder if this child is even mine!
Part of her profile.  Look how cute those little lips are!

All those white spikey looking things are her hair!

I apologize for all of the pictures, and I do realize I have become "that parent" who shows everybody all of the pictures their child has ever taken.  I just can't help it :)

I'm still having a ton of contractions.  Some are really painful, but for the most part, they've become bearable again.  We have another appointment on Friday, so I will update everyone then.  Hopefully I will have dilated even more and my doctor will say, "Jill, let's have that baby today!" 

Until then...

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  1. How sweet....this modern technology is amazing!....glad everything is going well and looking forward to your next post on Friday! should be proud and there is nothing wrong with showing your sweet baby girl off!....this is a true sign of a good mother! to you, Jarrod and Elliot!