Monday, March 21, 2011


Jarrod came up with that one! ;)

So, here's what has been going on the past two weeks...

1. I'm figuring out Elliot's schedule a little better.  I figure I better start preparing for it now!

2. My contractions as a whole are getting a lot better.  The bad ones still hurt, and leave me pretty sore, but they are much less frequent than before.

3. Mom came in last week while Jarrod was out of town.  I think for the first time ever, I ran her ragged!  I felt soooooo good, so I wanted to get as much in while I could!  She even took me to the rodeo where we got to see Martina McBride (sorry you weren't able to come, Rod!)

4. I got to have lunch with some beautiful women from back home, Mrs. Emerson and Julie.  They are ALWAYS a good time, and laughing with them about our ditziness is second to none!

5. Daddy wanted Elliot born in Opelousas, so he snuck me out of Texas for a quick visit!  Ok, ok, so it didn't REALLY go like that, but it was nice to get out of Houston for the first time since Christmas!

6. I've just about finished Elliot's dresser.  It's adorable and she better love it!  The chest on the other hand...well...lets just hope that gets done BEFORE she's born!

That's about it in the boring life of Jill...

My dr. appointment went well enough on Wednesday, although I'm pretty upset with her.  I have officially lost my VIP status. :(  Not only did I have to wait for more than 5 minutes (think closer to an hour) before they let me in the back, but this week was the first time she hasn't done an ultra-sound on me since I started having contractions!  I think she tried to make up for it though by telling me she is going to schedule another "big" one, so I can see her again!

Other than that, Elliot has made it past the 30 week mark, which gives her a 90% chance of survival if she's born today, and an 80% chance that there won't be anything wrong with her!

That's about all for now.  Please continue to pray for Elliot's safety and my sanity!


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