Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Freezer Food: French Dip

I've officially joined the freezer meal fan club.  I seriously cannot believe how long it has taken me to actually send in my membership information, but after months of dreaming, planning, and wondering how nice it would be if I did it, I FINALLY decided it was time.  Monday, Elliot and I braved the beautiful weather, and made our way to Pearland's trusty HEB.  There, I spend $84 and got enough food for 7 recipes that made enough food for 16 meals!  That's $5.25 a meal.  Jarrod should buy me something nice with all the money I'm saving him...or something like that! ;)

Anyways, today we decided to try out the French Dip Sandwiches.  They.  Were.  Tasty.  Jarrod actually went back for seconds (he normally gives me the lam-o "I should really cut back" excuse.) AND Elliot even enjoyed it.  Uh. Double score!  Since a few people asked for recipes, I decided to actually try them before sending them your way.  If they're awful, you'll never hear about it.  If they're good, I'll tell you ALL my secrets!  So, as promised...

French Dip Sandwiches
> 2-3 lb beef chuck roast
> 2 14.5 oz cans of beef consomme' (right next to the canned beef broth)
> 6-8 hoagie buns
> On a gallon freezer bag, write "Fr. Dip Sandwich - Thaw in fridge 24 hrs. - Cook on low 8-11 hrs/high 5-7 hrs"
> Place roast in bag.
> Put consomme' in bag
> Lay flat
> Freeze
> Thaw in fridge for 24 hours (this way if you end up not eating it, you can refreeze it.  What! What!
> Cook on low 8-11 hrs OR high 5-7 hrs.
> Use extra juice for dippin'!

*Since we aren't feeding an army, I actually cut the steak in two and divided the ingredients between two bags.  I had one sandwich, Elliot had half, and Jarrod had 1.5.  There were enough leftovers for one small sandwich, so this worked out perfectly for us.  I also put the roast on Low for 4 hours and Warm for 4, but you could just do low for 4 hours and be perfectly fine.

I feel like I should note this is NOT my recipe.  I did something really dumb and copy/pasted it into a word document.  I've looked everywhere for the website, but I can't seem to find it.  As soon as I do, I'll post it for all to enjoy!


Until next time...
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