Friday, June 8, 2012

Awkward Family Photos

Have you ever heard me talk about Jarrod's my Aunt Shelley?  She's pretty awesome and does all of our pictures!  Anywho, I was able to con her into taking some Edwards family photos after E Baby's birthday party in May. These were supposed to be a surprise birthday gift for Mama Phyllis, because she's been wanting these for years (I made her wait until I was married and had at least one kid!).

I won't tell you who it was that actually spilled the beans on this little project, but I can tell you a certain patriarch of the Edwards family isn't able to keep a secret...or something like that!

So, after much deliberation of what to wear, we finally were able to take our very own awkward family photos...

Every time we get together and take pictures, we have to take a dumb one.
I don't know why, we just do. It's weird, I'm fully aware of that.
We also do dumb stuff like this (look between E Baby and Mama Phyllis)!
Jarrod, Jeremy, and Stephanie were way too cool and mature to join us.

Apparently Jeremy and I missed out on the "tan before you take pictures" memo.
Pasty is SO the new tan anyways...maybe.

I feel like I need to clarify Justin's face in this picture. When I was little, he and Jeremy would threaten to take me back to the dumpster Mom and Dad found me in and leave me there.  They also said Mom and Daddy didn't really want me, but no one would take me so they had to keep me. Oh, and then there was the game where they'd lock me up in a closet for hours and forget about me.  Every now and then I like to remind them that I still remember everything they did to me, and this was one of those times. I won't tell you what I did, but I'm 100% positive it hurt! :)

And the whole (minus 1) familia (that's Texan for family)
Justin, Jacob, Yours Truly, E Baby, Jarrod, Daddy, Mama Phyllis, Jeremy, Madison, Stephanie, and Mallory

Do I not have the best husband and baby around?
Yes, I think I do!

The fact that Stephanie and the girls are wearing matching outfits
(and shoes) makes me excited about doing that with E Baby one day!

Aren't Madison and Mallory just a couple of dolls?! 

You wouldn't ever know it by looking at these two, but they are actually related!
HA! Jacob is literally Justin's clone (with red hair) in every fashion!

Papa Neill (the patriarch *cough*) and Mama Phyllis

Mom and Daddy with most of the grand kids. What a cute bunch!
The kids are alright too!

Have you ever been to the website  Embarrassingly enough, we've actually made it onto the website here .  Mom and Daddy still won't tell us what happened to the other one...Joshua I think was his name.

I've finally figured out what to do with the other empty space on this wall.  Pictures to come tomorrow...maybe!

Until then...

Jill (and the rest of my awkward family)


  1. The AFP pic rules. Seriously. Love all the family pics! Where's Zoe?

  2. Sadly, Zoe wasn't able to make it. She moved up north the week before, but will hopefully be coming back for the school year.