Tuesday, May 15, 2012

E Baby's 1st Birthday

This was my favorite little girl one year ago!  Can you believe how quickly this past year has flown?  Me neither, and while I'm so happy that E Baby is growing and developing perfectly, I can't help but wish I could pause time for just a while and relish this sweet girl for just a little longer!  As we approach her second year of life, I am so excited about watching her grow and learn and discover things on her, but there are a few things I wish I could keep forever (here smell, giggle, toothless grin, emotion leg, eating habits, and her face when she realizes we're playing chase...to name a few)!

Here are a few of my favorite recent pictures:
I call this "Squinty Eyes" or "Squinty Face."  It's usually used in
extreme distress or extreme joy.  Either way, it usually makes me laugh!
This is "Sippy Cup Face" - it melts my heart
Every. Single. Time!
Couldn't you just eat her?!

"Contortion" or "I Cried Myself To Sleep and
I'm Really Angry, So Maybe If I Sleep Like This
Someone Will Rescue Me*!"
*We did the "Cry It Out" Method and it totally works!
Also, we moved her - she didn't stay like that all night!

This is E Baby taunting the dogs.  It was her birthday
that day, so I felt bad telling her no.  Needless to
say, she gave Emma and Zeus some sort of complex
and we are taking donations for their therapy sessions!
So anyways, about this birthday party!  We were so excited to celebrate Elliot's first year with some of our closest family and friends!  Our daughter is beyond blessed to have so many people surrounding her with love and affection, and it makes my heart incredibly happy!
Sign in table

Oh, GiGi!

The sweets table.  I made that cupcake stand
 (the smash cake was on top!) and spent triple
what I would have spent if I just bought one.
DIY is no longer my BFF!
(Not really, I love you DIY!!!)

A fun way to display snacks for the kiddos.
Funny enough, our oldest friend, Sam, was the
only one to eat them!
P.S. I found this idea on pinterest!
Thank You suckers and the million dollar
Jelly Belly jelly beans. Seriously.
 Uh Million Dollars.
I think I was scammed!

Opening gifts
Elliot with two of her favorite friends - Corley and Everleigh!
My daughter, the bully, and her friend Corley!
P.S. Isn't that one of the cutest cry faces ever?!

You can see the rest of E Baby's birthday party pictures here.  Please, don't post them anywhere.  That would be awkward and we couldn't be friends anymore!

I'll be back soon with a few projects I've had stewing in my head!  
I can't wait to share them with you!

Jarrod, Jill, and E Baby

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