Monday, May 21, 2012

E Baby's 1 Year Photo Shoot

So Jarrod has this aunt.  She's pretty awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that I claim her as my own. Seriously :) 

Anywho, Jarrod's my Aunt Shelley just so happens to be a photographer - a GREAT photographer!  Every once in a while (about every 3 months or so) we are able to con her into taking pictures of E Baby.  It usually goes something like this:

Me: Hey Shelley! Can you take Elliot's pictures?
Shelley: Sure! I'd love to!

Here are the pictures as promised.

I don't know what it is, but I LOVE when E Baby wears tennis shoes with her tutu!
Onesie: My mom
TuTu: Gift from Aunt KK and Uncle Jess (Target)
Shoes: Toms

Don't worry, her hand never even got close to the flame!

She looks like a monkey eating her banana!

Onesie: My mom
Bloomers: Ruffle Butts
Headband: Hobby Lobby
Flower: Me
Rocker: Shelley's

I adore this smile and the little girl who wears it!
Toenail polish: Essie

Parents - when you do a cake smash session and want to photograph the bath after, make sure the water is warm!
Tub: Babies R Us (we use it as her dirty clothes hamper)

Outfit: Mud Pie
High Chair: Mom and Dad's attic
High chair color: Blue Ocean Breeze

Door: Browsearoun (Pearland, TX) 
PetiRomper: Lollipop Children's Boutique (Pearland, TX)
Headband: Lollipop Children's Boutique
Flower: Me
Ottoman: Shelley's

Right before Shelley took this picture, Shelley whispered to me that she wished Elliot would lay her head down on the ottoman  so she could take some sweet pictures.  Before we knew it, she started kissing the ottomon, and this is her giving it a hug!

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