Friday, December 31, 2010

Elliot's Show and Tell

Yesterday, Jarrod, Elliot, and I had our 20 week dr. appointment. It started off with the ultra-sound tech, where she took measurements, counted bones, fingers, and toes. Jarrod didn't get to go in there with me at first so I tried to close my eyes so we could experience everything together. Yeah, FAT CHANCE! It was so cool to watch her just hang out inside me!

Once she was done, the actual Dr. came in to check on everything. I expressed my concern about how I have MVP, and was worried about Elliot "catching" it from me. He checked out her heart and showed me all four chambers of her heart. After he showed me how perfectly her Mitral Valve is developing, he assured me IF she got it, she wouldn't develop it until she was older (not in my belly). He left and the tech came back and took tons of pictures of Elliot. She (Elliot) must have sensed my concern about whether my doctor was right about the sex prediction, because the whole time one leg was pointed east, while the other was pointed west, and we were able to see VERY clearly that she is indeed a "she." Overall, Elliot is developing very well. She's about 6 inches long and weighs 11 ounces.

After we had the ultra-sound, we had an actual dr. appointment with my OB. She looked over my paperwork and said everything looks great. She was VERY impressed with my blood work results. We decided to have the downs test done and the results came back that Elliot has a 1/12000 chance of having it. Other than mine, the lowest percentage she had seen was 1/300. We'll attribute that to awesome Edwards genes ;). She gave me "Tylenol Plus" for my headaches, told me to get lots of rest, and sent us on our merry way!

Here is a video of Elliot kicking...a lot. She must be getting ready for the tons of sprints she'll run in volleyball practice when she's older! ;)

I haven't been able to feel her yet that I know of, but when I do, I'll let you know!

These next two videos are for Mimi. I promise I'm not trying to bore you! :)


Anywho, that's all I've got for now. I'll check back in once something big happens!


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  1. Jill!!! Your ultrasound pictures and videos are PRECIOUS!!!! How exciting for you guys!!! Congratulations!!! :)

    - Melissa